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jotunn - arctic research compound concept - jotunn is a research facility located in the arctic circle. the compound consists of 3 main domes, numerous small container drills, wind farms, and solar panel farms. everything gathers around the main ice drill located in the center of the jotunn compound. the main objective of the compound is to find a proper location to dig up research material from ice and support it with dependable infrastructure. jotunn village is predicted to have:
- 3 main domes - the big yellow dome is equipped with all necessary life-supporting systems, which make the dome a habitable place to work and live for scientists
- main drill - the concept of big ice drill fueled with oil, main machine of the compound designed to gather research material from ice
- container drills - smaller drills protected from the weather by containers. the main objective of a small drill is to find the perfect location for the main drill which can continue work with the ice surface
- windfarms - power compound with energy during long snowstorms
- solar panel farms - collecting solar energy to power the compound
in jotunn workers are used to cold weather and snowstorms while dashing through it they cling themselves to guide ropes. it is so easy to get lost in white infinity.

every object or mesh used in the model was created by jakub pietryszyn. no external assets were used.

echoes of the future is a mini-series presenting the futuristic design of industrial facilities on a dystopian earth. mankind is a well-known species designed and shaped for exploration and conquer. Despite the damage we do to our home, earth, our lust for the unknown pushes us further and further. mini-series consists of 5 speculative concept projects, focused on industrial/scientific relations between mankind and earth.